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Address: 14964 MOELLER'S ROAD
MARION, IL 62959

Phone: (618) 993-2417
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(618) 993-2417

Best times are: Monday and Wednesday through Friday 9am-6pm. Saturday 9am-5pm.

Hi, I’m Lucas Reever I’m a native of Fairfield, IL. I attended SIUC and obtained my bachelor’s degree in film and theater. I’ve raced standardbred harness horses, lived in Los Angeles and St. Louis while working as an actor/filmmaker. I also have a back ground in sales with Solar City/Tesla residential solar panel systems. I believe my diversified background has provided me an excellent opportunity to meet and learn about many different people. I’m looking forward to helping residents in Southern Illinois and the surrounding area to find the perfect home so they may live to their highest quality lifestyle and be ready for anything the future may bring their way.

Home Listing


HomeID: E41394-0694

1152 sq.ft.
3 Beds • 2 Baths

Display # 16

HomeID: S29106-0694

2128 sq.ft.
4 Beds • 2 Baths

DISPLAY 10 Hud or Mod

HomeID: DV6181-0694

1740 sq.ft.
3 Beds • 2 Baths

DISPLAY # 8 can be HUD or MOD

HomeID: AD7878-0694

1344 sq.ft.
3 Beds • 2 Baths


HomeID: S21460-0694

1216 sq.ft.
3 Beds • 2 Baths